Smoking Girl by Simon Mooney

I'm going through boxes of old prints in the storeroom and rediscovering some of the early photographs that made me want to pack the day job in. This is one of them, a Leeds school in the early 1990s.

Paddling Pool Painters by Simon Mooney

I’ve walked past the paddling pool in my local park so many times but daren’t take any pictures with people in it as the parents would probably drown me. On Monday I finally got my chance.

Face-to-Face by Simon Mooney

Lampard and Terry coming face-to-face again in the Championship Play-Off Final adds another dimension to 'the richest game in football'. I took this in Vienna back in September 2004.

45 Minutes to Soho by Simon Mooney

Late last night I walked to the 100 Club on Oxford Street in London and took pictures on the way through Islington, King’s Cross and Bloomsbury.

Touch by Simon Mooney

The picture above is the second I’ve taken on this corner, the other is of a dog standing on its hind legs. The ones below were snapped around the same time while travelling through London.

Sunday Morning Motorway by Simon Mooney

Fantastic changing light heading south on the M1 early yesterday.