2/25: Umbro Coat / by Simon Mooney


This is one of four ads we shot as tests over a couple of days in the late 1990s. Dave Godfree and Nick Hastings, the creative team from DMB&B, needed something fast to present at a sales conference so faxed over the layouts and left us to it. There wasn't much of a budget so my nephew Luke and two of his mates met us at Leeds Road Playing Fields in Huddersfield one night after school. They asked what I wanted them to do so I said “set up some goals with your coats and start taking shots”. 20 rolls of film later, we called it a day and they went home for their teas. This is the very first of the 720 pictures I took and I remember it clearly because after the ball hit the post, it continued with some velocity and hit me where it hurts. The pictures went down so well that a budget was found and we were invited to do them ‘properly’. I didn't think we’d capture such special moments again and luckily the agency agreed, paying us the money as a usage fee for the tests instead. The campaign went on to win a Gold at the Cannes Lions, a Silver at the Campaign Press Awards and a D&AD Pencil. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)