5/25: World Cup Warm-up / by Simon Mooney

5/25. With England’s participation in this summer’s Russian World Cup making the news, I’m reminded of the Finals in Germany 12 years ago when I was working behind the scenes with the senior men’s team. This picture, taken just before the game against Trinidad and Tobago in Nürnberg, is one of my favourites but makes me wince slightly when I think of the circumstances. The dressing room is a busy place but I was drawn to the showers by the sound of metal studs on tiles and a football hammering against the wall. I wasn’t surprised to find Wayne Rooney in there as he was often first to be changed and almost always had a ball so I said I’d trust him not to hit me and sat on the floor in the firing line. He had one more shot while I was there and it grazed the top of my head which no doubt explains the mischievous look on his face. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)