16/25: Coffin Surfers / by Simon Mooney

16/25. This was intended to be a composite with a 1970s style stock shot background and the ‘surfboards’ supplied by us. I thought that would be asking a lot of the retoucher so suggested we do it for real instead. The agency Kemosabe agreed and gave us 48 hours and a small budget to come up with the picture. I bought the coffin lids from a family firm in Dewsbury, found a surfer couple in Manchester and gambled that Ainsdale Beach near Southport would work as the location (I took no chances with the tide though and had a local lifeboat crew on standby). It’s my favourite photograph from the successful Beyond campaign and, of course, the one with the least time and money spent on it. It’s always nice when the agency and client trust you to get something done. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)