Smoking Girl by Simon Mooney

I'm going through boxes of old prints in the storeroom and rediscovering some of the early photographs that made me want to pack the day job in. This is one of them, a Leeds school in the early 1990s.

Paddling Pool Painters by Simon Mooney

I’ve walked past the paddling pool in my local park so many times but daren’t take any pictures with people in it as the parents would probably drown me. On Monday I finally got my chance.

Face-to-Face by Simon Mooney

Lampard and Terry coming face-to-face again in the Championship Play-Off Final adds another dimension to 'the richest game in football'. I took this in Vienna back in September 2004.

45 Minutes to Soho by Simon Mooney

Late last night I walked to the 100 Club on Oxford Street in London and took pictures on the way through Islington, King’s Cross and Bloomsbury.

Touch by Simon Mooney

The picture above is the second I’ve taken on this corner, the other is of a dog standing on its hind legs. The ones below were snapped around the same time while travelling through London.

Sunday Morning Motorway by Simon Mooney

Fantastic changing light heading south on the M1 early yesterday.

Suresh Singh at Home by Simon Mooney

One highlight of 2018 was visiting Suresh Singh at his house in Spitalfields, London for the 'Faith and Culture in the Home' project. We hadn't met before but it turned out he played drums for a band I saw in 1980.

25/25: Ole Gunnar by Simon Mooney

25/25. Back in April 1997, when Umbro asked me to take pictures of him kicking an empty can of pop around, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was well on his way to becoming top goalscorer in his first season at Manchester United. It's unlikely this kind of thing would be allowed to happen now, or that there'd be no representatives from the player's agents, the club, or the client on the shoot. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

24/25: Euston Mexican Wave by Simon Mooney

24/25. "One more thing - can you also shoot a Mexican Wave to run round the nine digital screens at Euston Station?". McDonald's Olympics campaign for Leo Burnett was complicated enough with just the one day to shoot a dozen posters and super slow motion films. It was a real team effort with a crew of more than 50 managing a 500-strong crowd and 20 actors. I had an idea how this element might work but my partners Keely Edge and Julian Hodsgon made it happen while I was outside shooting some fans in the rain. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

23/25: Allez Les Bleus! by Simon Mooney

23/25. An element of chaos has played an important part in some of my best advertising work and this shot, for Sony’s World Cup 2014 campaign through Iris, is a good example. We cast dozens of actors to play fans and bussed in hundreds of extras to make up the crowd for our own mini-tournament. These three lads were from one of the 5-a-side teams taking part and, when they got knocked out, we had the stylists dress them up to fill a space in the stands. They went absolutely mad when another of their mates scored a spectacular goal and this is the result. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

22/25: Game Over by Simon Mooney

22/25. Walking the streets with a camera is a good way for photographers to keep fit. Some days the benefit is purely physical but on others it can be spiritual, emotional and even material. This shot of a north London electricity sub-station made the Association of Photographers Awards in 2013. Not long after, the roof was replaced and the balls disappeared but just how many games did that chimney spoil? (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

21/25: Auschwitz by Simon Mooney

21/25. "Auschwitz is just down the road Tom, we should go and see it tomorrow." I was in the kitman's hotel room two days before England played Poland. "Not only are we going Mooney," he said, "we’re taking the boys with us.” And off he went, down the corridor to knock on manager Sven Goran Eriksson’s door. The next morning, an enterprising local photographer followed the team bus as it set off to a mystery destination on a day with no scheduled media activity. He got a telephoto lens version of this shot which made newspapers around the world and, a few months later, Sven was invited to talk about the visit at Westminster Hall in London on Holocaust Memorial Day alongside the Queen, Prime Minister and British survivors of the concentration camps. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

20/25: The Mah Jong Singers by Simon Mooney

20/25. The Mah Jong Singers were already in full flow when I arrived at Bradford Industrial Museum for my very first commission as a photographer. The brief was to produce a set of postcards for Age Concern and promote older people's involvement in the arts. It was a lovely job to start with though I could never have imagined the shocking truth about those tea dances in Pudsey. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

19/25: Top Five Santa by Simon Mooney

19/25. It's hard to walk past Church Street Bookshop in north London but this time I remembered to take a picture of John behind the counter. It made the Association of Photographers Awards last year and I've just read that John is considered one of the Top Five Father Christmases by Time Out magazine. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

18/25: A Day in the Life by Simon Mooney

18/25. 109 England caps ago, Wieden+Kennedy asked me to photograph a day in the life of Wayne Rooney for Nike. He started early at the Everton training ground with tea and toast for breakfast while I avoided upsetting Duncan Ferguson any more than necessary. After a stint in goal at the end of the session, Wayne drove us back to his house and I asked what was next on the agenda. He said "Walking the dog, but I could really do with stopping for some milk and a paper first." (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

17/25: Winter Olympics Supporter by Simon Mooney

17/25. Ogilvy New York sent us to Japan to shoot a campaign for IBM, technology partner of the Winter Olympics. The brief was to capture real life around the stadiums and illustrate ideas like security, performance and, in this case, support. We had a local producer to chase after our unwitting subjects with model releases and one surprise was how offended people were when he tried to pay them a fee. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

16/25: Coffin Surfers by Simon Mooney

16/25. This was intended to be a composite with a 1970s style stock shot background and the ‘surfboards’ supplied by us. I thought that would be asking a lot of the retoucher so suggested we do it for real instead. The agency Kemosabe agreed and gave us 48 hours and a small budget to come up with the picture. I bought the coffin lids from a family firm in Dewsbury, found a surfer couple in Manchester and gambled that Ainsdale Beach near Southport would work as the location (I took no chances with the tide though and had a local lifeboat crew on standby). It’s my favourite photograph from the successful Beyond campaign and, of course, the one with the least time and money spent on it. It’s always nice when the agency and client trust you to get something done. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)

15/25: Press Pack by Simon Mooney

15/25. For years I thought this was one of my best advertising pictures, then I realised that was my hand on the left so I couldn't possibly have taken it. The brief came from Ogilvy in New York to promote AIG's management liability coverage. The layout showed men in suits inside a lift and our job was to make them look hunted and under pressure. I decided that my business partner Julian and producer Dirk should also have cameras and we'd operate as a press pack, pouncing on the actors as the lift doors opened and getting in their faces as they tried to leave the building. What I love about this frame (and it's the only one we presented to the agency) is how Dirk's flash has lit Julian's picture. (For 25 Years of Mooneyphoto)