Warrington Youth Club and Minerva Arts

I’m a photographer and film maker with 25 years’ experience. I mix documentary and editorial with advertising commissions though it’s often hard to tell which is which. Working with real people and building a team for each production is important to me so I’ve chosen four short films and gallery of photographs to illustrate my approach. I’m interested in the stories people have to tell and how to best communicate them. I often give work experience to students (it’s how I started out after all) and feel there’s an opportunity for some of the young people in Warrington to be involved in the production side of this project.

The first two films below were made as training aids for NHS staff. I made them in collaboration with a theatre director and his scripts for a small group of actors and they came to mind when I read the proposed structure for this project. My contribution was to establish a visual style that would engage the audience and tell the stories with credibility. We shot quickly, in a real hospital with available light and I edited with quality television dramas in mind:

This film is much more of a documentary in that I followed Liam and his dog in real time on a day out. I interviewed him at the end of the trip and then cut the travel footage to fit his story. My brief was to show the contribution a Guide Dog can make to someone’s life:

My fourth film is a community project with my local football team. We worked together on the script and I suggested that a range of the people involved in the club - from players to groundsman - should present it directly to camera:

I often cast real people instead of professional models on advertising commissions. My feeling is that the work is so more real and the performances have a certain energy. This means making people of all ages comfortable in front of the camera. I’m used to working with other creatives on making the most of their ideas and the gallery below shows some of my commercial work alongside documentary and editorial photography: