The Beaney Health and Wellbeing Film Commission

I’m a photographer and film-maker with 25 years’ experience and mix documentary and editorial work with advertising commissions. For the last few years, I’ve covered events for the National Portrait Gallery, British Museum and Horniman Museum and have included below a series of photographs intended to promote learning and participation in the arts to all ages and abilities. The Independents’ Day film was made for the East End Trades Guild to raise funds for an organisation of small businesses and features a wide range of people working and being interviewed. It made a significant contribution to the campaign exceeding its targets.

My approach to The Beaney Health and Wellbeing film would build on my experience of working discreetly at a range of events and activities, both behind the scenes and front of house. One of the best compliments I’ve been paid by the subject of one of my films was they didn’t realise I was there (and that was in the dressing room of a Premier League football club). I work with available light and mostly handheld cameras and have a keen eye for capturing the key moments of an event and the dynamics of interaction between participants. For me, the truly magical aspect of film making is in the edit process and the opportunities it presents for storytelling that meets the objectives of the brief and has a positive and lasting impact on the viewer. I can imagine the projects planned for The Beaney will be full of potential and I’d love to make a film with you that really makes the most of them.

For references, please contact Krissie Nicholson at the East End Trades Guild ( and Juno Rae at the National Portrait Gallery (