Young people working in a learning environment is such a good subject for photography. Recently, I’ve worked on educational projects with the National Portrait Gallery and, before that, for clients like the Football Association and The Open University.

There’s an opportunity to make 360° images like this example:

I also make short films in the same style as my photographs.

I love taking pictures in the real world and finding those moments when people connect and make everyday life so fascinating.

Using available light and working discreetly means I can fit into most situations. My experience shooting sport and news has given me observational skills and quick reactions. The commercial advertising part of my work has taught me how important it is to communicate the message and liaise closely with clients.

As well as shooting stills, I make short films and can add value to shoot days by introducing other dimensions like 360° or virtual reality photography.

My costs vary depending on the market and license but my rate for this social type of work is usually £750 a day. I’m happy to consider working with budgets though. As a member of the Association of Photographers, copyright assignment is against industry best practice and typically attracts a 500% premium. I appreciate work of a sensitive nature needs to be protected and can offer exclusive licenses instead.

If you think I can contribute to your project, please let me know.



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