My approach to covering Leeds Creative Labs would build on my experience as a documentary photographer and film maker. I’d capture the mood and social nature of the events, working mainly with handheld cameras and moving around locations, as the showreel below demonstrates. It includes moments from a Premier League dressing room, a Guide Dogs film, behind the scenes in a television studio and a fundraiser for small businesses.

I’ve also selected photographs from some of the meetings and presentations I’ve covered in art galleries, offices, churches and community centres. I like to work with both telephoto and wide lenses which allows me to focus on individuals and their interactions with others while also showing the nature of the event.

My own career took off when college sent me to a Leeds advertising agency on work experience. I was captivated by the idea of art and creativity working in partnership with industry and business. More recently, I’ve been designing a module to explore this kind of relationship for students at Barnsley College.

I really enjoy the editing process in making films and building a narrative. Sound adds another dimension of course and working to short running times helps impose discipline on a story.

The nature of the location brings so much to the quality of a film and the performances of those within it. I have no idea if there’s any flexibility in deciding what kind of spaces the Labs will occupy but it can make a real difference.

Given the nature of the participants, the final films need to be rigorous, credible and engaging with high production values. With my experience and working with The Cultural Institute, I feel confident I can meet this criteria.

If you need anything else from me, please let me know.



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