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Independents' Day for East End Trades Guild

Towers over the Goodyard for East End Preservation Society

Changing Rooms Crowdfunder for Berry Brow AFC (In Production)


I'd like to offer my services to help Newham's application for the London Borough of Culture Award.

My personal experience in the arts and work as a photographer and film maker could help make a powerful, credible, creative proposal to the Mayor and the best possible case for the borough.

I have a number of ideas that could help inform, illustrate and promote the bid and strongly support the 'Everyday, All Together' vision.

The people of Newham should be closely involved in the proposal to bring character, warmth and integrity. Conversations on social media, at work and on the streets, would be a source of ideas, stories, ambitions and personalities and enhance the council's formal submission with engaging films and photographs.

I've written a few words about the impact of urban culture on my life and included examples of photographs and film. The work is effective, with the Goodsyard documentary helping a community successfully object to a controversial planning application and the Trades Guild crowdfunder beating its target.

The Personal Impact of Urban Culture

Art in the urban environment has offered opportunities all my life. I grew up on a northern council estate and, from my teens to my early 20s, travelled the UK and abroad as guitarist in a punk band. I also designed and produced the logos, album covers, posters and t-shirts.

Between touring and recording, I studied audio visual and graphic design at college until some inspired and life-changing work experience in a Leeds advertising agency led to a job as art director.

After six years thinking up ideas for print and television, I handed in my notice and started out as a photographer, inspired by newspapers, books and friends. In my first week, I won a commission from the local arts council to promote the cultural lives of older people which was a wonderful brief and really got me started.

25 years on, I'm making films, taking photographs and designing for print and digital here in London. Alongside my social and documentary work, I shoot advertising commissions with a flexible team of people and services.

My path from home, school, college and office to the range of creative work I do now has given me a real understanding of the many opportunities culture can offer and the means to effectively communicate the story.

Please let me know if I can help tell Newham's.


Simon Mooney

07860 584322