Love Food, Hate Waste - A Proposal to Kirklees


I'm a photographer and film maker with offices in Huddersfield and London. As well as my work in advertising and sport, I enjoy working on community projects with important social messages.

The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign is close to my heart so this is a very exciting opportunity. My initial thoughts on how we could approach it include:

Shooting the workshops on three cameras - fixed, overhead and handheld. As well as presenting attractive and informative demonstrations, I'd want to capture the mood of the events and any participatory elements.

The facilitator would wear a lapel mic and and an ambient boom mic would capture the room and any conversations.

The location is important in terms of the light, aesthetics and mood and it would be helpful to have input and options on this.

It would be interesting to conduct interviews with people  around Kirklees (or maybe in Sainsbury's?) on the subject of food waste and have the option of cutting away to these or using them in an introduction. I also wondered whether footage of how Kirklees manages waste would be useful.

I trained as a graphic designer at Batley School of Art and am very interested in how titles and graphics enhance moving pictures and help tell the story. The films opposite demonstrate how I mix words, film, graphics and music to make engaging and effective content.

In terms of costs, the budget is tight and to make it work I wouldn't be charging my usual day rates. I would ideally bring in a soundperson but manage the direction, cameras and post-production myself.

I think half a day shooting the condensed workshop with the option of another halfday covering parts of the full workshops would be both efficient and productive. A day shooting interviews and aspects of Kirklees' waste programme could add real depth to the films. Maybe we could invite some of the interviewees to the workshops?

I'd allow three days for post-production to include logging, editing, grading, graphics and sound. This means a breakdown of the budget would be:

£850.00 2 x shoot days @ £425
£600.00 3 x post-production days @ £200
£  50.00 expenses

You can see more of my work - both photography and film - on my website but please let me know if you need anything else from me.




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