Ten Minutes in my Local Caffè Nero.

I called in for a coffee and to get a feel for the place. The mid-afternoon light was really special and the manager equally as warm. She told me how so many of her customers were regulars and that the upstairs room would be full of students chatting and working. The three older ladies up there were very impressed with my dog Dexter and gave him part of a sandwich. I quickly snatched a few pictures.

From an Independent Coffee Shop Menu

The following afternoon, I photographed some of the food made by James at his coffee shop. It didn’t get quite as much sun as Caffè Nero round the corner but the light and wood worked really well with the salads, sandwiches, cakes and platters. I like the idea of shooting good food in its natural environment but we really ought to see it being enjoyed by those who make and eat it as well.