Bean Brothers Coffee Roasters


Cafe Life Reportage



I’ve selected pictures from five projects I think have some relevance to the Caffè Nero brief.

All were shot with credibility and quality in mind but one is purely reportage of real events while others are advertising commissions with much more control.

All use natural, ambient light to capture the mood of the locations and all are shot while open for business or working as normally.

I often use the kind of long lenses I have for sport so I can stay back but pick out and isolate detail. Human interaction is key but I also like to find environmental details.

My initial thoughts are that we should cast actors to play groups of friends, families, couples or individuals. We would give them stories to tell, which could be subtle or more overt. The busker who walked into the all-night cafe in Leeds with his guitar could be an inspiration, as could the girls in fancy dress eating at the window table in Dalston. Children could be staring at cakes and colleagues might share family photos on smartphones, as they did in the office cafeteria in New York for Barclays.

The McDonald’s pictures were shot at the Marble Arch restaurant, one of the flagships, during the busy morning rush. We had a group of actors mixing with members of the the public and interacting with real members of staff. It was a perfect way to work and, for me, would be the best way to produce great Caffè Nero pictures.

It’s important to choose the best venues as locations and have the opportunity of shooting while they’re busy if we’re to really capture the Caffè Nero spirit.