Following recent behind-the-scenes work with a Scottish craft brewery, Japanese rock band and London school, I’ve been looking for a new project. So when I read HOME was looking to raise its profile and build on its reputation, I thought I might have found it.

These mock-ups use my advertising and documentary photographs with quotes from advertising legend Dave Trott and The Guardian’s ‘This Much I Know’ series. They demonstrate how the quality of my work, together with incisive thinking about brand experience and life could produce the kind of high-quality content HOME is looking for right now.

Some of my favourites from the 67 games I covered from the inside with England:

A short film I made for Tottenham Hotspur during the club’s 125th anniversary season:

Promotional teaser for Japanese rock band Bo Ningen shot live at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds:

I still remember seeing the inside of an ad agency for the first time on work experience from art college. It was real eye-opener - a secret world full of surprises and smart people putting so much effort into making great work.

These days, I work on projects with well-established agencies like Ogilvy and smaller independents like Isobel. I take photographs and make the occasional short film for them alongside the documentary work I do in football and the social sector.

I’m very interested in the working lives of people and the stories they tell. There’s real beauty and drama in the small things.

My proposal to HOME is for me to spend time documenting the lives of its people and talking to them about their thoughts, the industry and their contribution to the company’s success.

The strength of the work would depend entirely on the quality of the moments I captured, the stories they told and how well the project was edited.

The mock-ups I’ve done to illustrate my proposal use photographs and text but I imagine them also having real impact as video with captions and/or sound. To see any of them full-screen, just click on the thumbnails. For these purposes, I’ve used fictitious names but real job titles and of course they could be any format.

The idea could translate into a single image or clip released tactically over a period of time, or a book, exhibition or documentary film. I’m proposing to create a growing library of assets that tells the story of HOME and forms a historical record as well as a live resource.

I’d see this as a medium to long term project that, as well as seeing the bigger picture, also has the capacity to promote and maximise opportunities that came up along the way.

This would be a partnership of my creative and editorial skills with HOME’s New Business and Marketing teams’ strategic and tactical planning. I think there could be a real benefit in HOME promoting the project as having strong documentary rather than pure commercial roots.

My experience of working inside the England football team for six years really informed this part of my work so I’ve put together a selection of images from that time.

While I have the rights to include the photographs here, the video interviews I worked on with the players have to remain private. I do know that key quotes from them would really enhance the visuals. I also know that the players and staff thought the project made a really positive contribution to the group at important times and it was hugely popular with the fans who saw it published.

I’ve had the idea of working behind-the-scenes in an agency for a while now, but the more I’ve thought about it, while researching and writing this proposal, the more I think it could make something really special.

Let me know if you agree.