Kissing for Money / by Simon Mooney

I'm doing the artwork for a set of prints for a portfolio presentation on Tuesday. This means searching the archive for pictures that might fit the brief, or at least demonstrate we're capable of taking ones that do. I found this, which was shot in Leeds for a Vauxhall ad with the headline 'If anything gets overheated, it won't be the car'. It's one of my favourite advertising pictures from what was a really productive and exciting time for us in early 2002. I think it captures a really believable moment and has a good feel about it. Casting the real-life kissing couple spotted by Keely one Saturday night at The Hi-Fi Club is what really made it work. I wonder if they're still together?

As for the photograph itself, I was lucky with the pink and blue washes framing the couple and the sparkling lights from the shops as I have no recollection of seeing them when I took it.

Thinking about it, there might have been two photographers on the shoot so this might not even be my picture. Still, I'm glad somebody got it.