Dogs on the Road / by Simon Mooney

It's been a busy few days in London shooting and editing two stories for Spitalfields Life - Rush Hour at Liverpool Street Station and The Lloyds Building. I travelled to the locations, either side of the old city wall near Bishopsgate, by bus, train and on foot taking pictures on the way. For some reason, traffic lights feature heavily, as do walking and windows. I also just managed to get a Bull Terrier in a trailer on Kingsland Road in Dalston for the Dogs on the Road series.

I shot the following on the compact camera, which I'm definitely getting to grips with. It now behaves almost exactly as I want it to and is incredibly fast, in terms of shutter response and 6fps. Some of these are focus or exposure tests that I thought made interesting pictures.

The daylight's been mainly flat and grey with only moments of low sun breaking through. I was surprised how dusk improved things when London's electric light sparked into life and especially with The Lloyds Building exteriors.