Fishing in Kayar / by Simon Mooney

This story on the BBC News website caught my eye yesterday: The Unequal Battle Over West Africa's Rich Fish Stocks

It reminded me of the few days I spent taking pictures around Dakar, Senegal in 2010. I was there with local producer Boully Galissa working on a campaign for Mondial Assistance. If memory serves, we made a couple of trips to the fishing village of Kayar, 60km north of the capital, to see the catch being brought to shore.

I've since read that a third of its population of 17,000 fish for a living and that it's a good example of how to do it sustainably (and in the face of competition from more industrial foreign trawlers). While I was there, the whole community seemed to be working either in the water or at its edge as they got the fish from ocean to market as quickly as possible.

This is the first time I've converted the files to black and white and it certainly simplifies some of the busier frames. A number of the colour originals were quite monochromatic anyway if I didn't show much of what people were wearing.