The Number 25 / by Simon Mooney

A few more from practicing with the new digital compact. I've now worked out how to show the focus point in the optical viewfinder but still can't see if the subject's sharp or not until I check the file. It is progress I suppose, but no doubt the battery will expire even sooner. I took these yesterday, when London had quite a bit of really bright, low sun burning through the mist. I shot a few from bus windows travelling down the Kingsland Road in Hackney and more on foot as I walked from Spitalfields to Soho through The City.

The girl with no shoes was a good start and I and I always stop if I see bomb damage from The Blitz (or a dog on a bike). Oxford Circus at dusk is usually impressive and I was lucky with the bus heading towards it as I think about pictures for our Christmas card.