City High-Flyer / by Simon Mooney

An advertising agency got in touch looking for 'real world' stock photographs. They needed to be unpublished, have model releases and illustrate certain subjects like expensive hobbies and business investment. I already had some, but not others so went out snapping to the City of London and Brighton (boats and beaches were also on the list). I don't enjoy asking members of the public to sign a release after I've snatched a photograph of them. Why should they? It wouldn't make financial sense for me to pay them a fee unless their picture was published and people almost always think it's some kind of scam anyway. I also think it's possible to do this kind of work without identifying individuals.

Some of these were sent to the agency while others are off-brief but worth recording, like the seagull about to land on one of St Mary Somerset's pinnacles on Upper Thames Street.