Escape to Cadiz / by Simon Mooney

My agents rang to say a Dutch client was considering us for a Spanish beer advertising campaign. It was a really good brief with happy people backlit by a low, warm sun. Having just shot the McDonald's Olympics posters and films (after two months pre-production), I needed a break but also really wanted to get this job. We had some pictures in the archive with the right content and mood but not much with the light.

After experimenting in London, I decided on a week in Spain to shoot some tests. If they were good enough, we'd present them to the client (it's a speculative approach that's worked well for us in the past).

My friend Patxa recommended Cadiz as location and local producer Ignacio Fando was proposed as a guide and to arrange things. We walked the streets with friends Moira and Luisa on the first night; I had to find a few good locations that would see at least some of the late sun, then shoot four layouts over the next few evenings.

We had about fifteen minutes a day when the light was good and followed the sun as it set behind the streets.

These pictures are a mix of tests. Some are technical, others location references and a few rehearsing the kind of moments we needed to get for the campaign. There's also a few street photographs.


Ignacio Fando