A Cross to Bear by Simon Mooney

I've been working on the new website and portfolio just lately and didn't think I'd taken too many street pictures so far this year. Now that I've checked, I haven't completely wasted my time carrying a camera between Huddersfield and London and around the capital on buses, tube trains and pavements. I seem to be developing a thing for dapper old gentlemen and wish I'd been braver with the boxer on the bus.

Beckham on the Beach by Simon Mooney

Nine years ago this weekend I went to Brazil to photograph David Beckham at a football academy press launch on the beach. The night before the job, he drove out to see the location and I went along with my cameras.

The light had just about gone by the time we arrived but we managed ten minutes with a football. I reluctantly used flash which got hit by a stray shot after a few minutes and broke.

I showed a few of the best frames to David and his team at the launch and they agreed to release some along with the official pictures. They got quite a bit of press coverage as the England squad was announced the next day.

A short video of the action:


Halloween in Hackney by Simon Mooney

I set off down Stoke Newington High Street about 10pm and walked through Dalton and Shoreditch before turning around on Brick Lane in the early hours. The man with the white beak seemed to be following me around which was a bit of a concern but turned out to be quite handy as it took me three goes to get him in focus.

Roller Dogs by Simon Mooney

Things that caught my eye in London over the last few weeks.

Perfection Fish Bar by Simon Mooney

I’m tidying up the archive and found some fairly recent London street pictures. I don’t remember taking quite a few of them but the usual subjects are covered and a lot of it’s wonky so they must be mine.