Bean Brothers Coffee Roasters

National Portrait Gallery Events

Magic Rock Brewery Food Festival

Truman’s Brewery

The Sun World Cup Finals

Cruzcampo Friends

McDonald’s Olympics Crew

I’ve selected pictures from seven jobs I think have some relevance to the Brewdog brief.

All were shot with credibility and quality in mind but some are purely reportage of real events while others are advertising commissions with much more control.

All use natural, ambient light to capture the mood of the locations and all are shot while open for business or working as normally.

The first four are completely for real, with me working alone and observing. I often use the kind of long lenses I use for football so I can stay back but pick out and isolate detail.

Truman’s had just started up again when I documented the first brew in east London. It was more mechanical than I anticipated with all that stainless steel but I tried to show as much of a human and organic touch as possible.

The Sun campaign was shot in a Wembley pub during an international game. It was much quieter than we expected and we used real fans, who just happened to be there (though they were really quite thin on the ground).

The McDonald’s job was shot at the Marble Arch restaurant, one of the flagships, during the busy morning rush. We had a group of actors mixing with members of the the public and interacting with real staff. It was a perfect way to work and for me would be the best way to produce great Brewdog pictures.

It’s important to choose the best venues as locations and have the opportunity of shooting while they’re busy if we’re to really capture the Brewdog spirit.